Faculty of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences,
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

The Statuary Regulatory Authority for Education, Examination &
Affiliation of Allied Health Professionals and Institutes


To ensure quality and standards of Allied Health Sciences' education and training in line with local/ global demand and conducting examination for fair assessment of the students.


To ensure that Allied Health Sciences' education and training Institutions produce highly skilled human resource in demanded technologies in sync with emerging landscape of planetary health contributing to health and economic growth through employability in national and international markets.

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Roll No. Student's Name Father's Name Technology Marks Remarks
Note:- PWAGM Mean Pass with Admisible Grace Marks
Note:- Disclaimer: This result is issued provisionally, errors and omission excepted, as a notice only. Any entry appearing on the website does not itself confer any right or privilege on a candidate for the grant of certificate which will be issued under the rules/regulations on the basis of the original record of the FPMA.

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Medical Ethics 3rd Term Download
Anaesthesia 4th Term Download
Cardiology 4th Term Download
Chaild and Neonental 4th Term Download
Dental 4th Term Download
Dialysis 4th Term Download
Emergency And Intincive Care 4th Term Download
Gastroentrology 4th Term Download
Health 4th Term Download
Pharmacy 4th Term Download
Mother Chaild Health 4th Term Download
Neuro Physiology 4th Term Download
Ophthalmalogy 4th Term Download
Orothrotic 4th Term Download
Pathology 4th Term Download
Physiotheraphy 4th Term Download
Prosthetic 4th Term Download
Psychiatry 4th Term Download
Pulmonology 4th Term Download
Radiology 4th Term Download
Radiotherapy 4th Term Download
Surgical 4th Term Download
Pathology 2nd Term Download
Pharmacology 2nd Term Download
Public Health 2nd Term Download
First Aid & Patient Safety 2nd Term Download
English 2nd Term Download
Islamiat 2nd Term Download
Anatomy 1st Term Download
Physiology 1st Term Download
Biochemistry 1st Term Download
Computer Skill 1st Term Download
Anaesthesia 3rd Term Download
Cardic 3rd Term Download
Dental 3rd Term Download
Dialysis 3rd Term Download
Gastroentroogy 3rd Term Download
Health 3rd Term Download
Mother Child Health 3rd Term Download
Chaild and Neonental 3rd Term Download
Neuro Physiology 3rd Term Download
Ophthalmalogy 3rd Term Download
Ortopadic 3rd Term Download
Pathology 3rd Term Download
Pharmacy 3rd Term Download
Physiotherapy 3rd Term Download
Psychiatry 3rd Term Download
Pulmonology 3rd Term Download
Radiology 3rd Term Download
Radiotherapy 3rd Term Download
Surgical 3rd Term Download
Important Information
All concerned are hereby informed in their own interest viz the following:


Paper Preparation, marking & checking is done by competent and honest professional staff and senior teaching faculty of medical colleges. The marks awarded are computerized, while objective type MCQs (about 50% of marks) are marked by automated Optical Marks Reader (OMR) mechanism.


Technology to students is registered online by the respective Institute/s and once allotted Technology cannot be changed.

Therefore approaching FPMA or bringing influence is useless effort; wasting your own, Institutes' and faculty's staff valuable time. Your cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated.

12-FebPublished Date
DIPLOMA COURSE EXAM DATE SHEET 03, 2019 Exam Start from March 05, 2019 to March 13, 2019. Read More

23-JanPublished Date
Diploma Course Examination March, 2019 On or before 06th February Rs. 2940/- Per Form 07th February to 08th February (Late Fee) Rs. 4410/- Per Form Read More

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